Shopping for Your Next Car

July 27, 2016
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Shopping for Your Next Car

The first time is a lesson. The second time, is an experience. So, you must have learned your lesson well when you have gone to shop for your first car. Years later, when you are buying your second car, that will be a so called car buying experience. By this time you will know the basics of buying a car and you are most likely not to repeat the mistakes that you might have committed during your first purchase. But, every next time has its scope of improvement. This means that when you are shopping for your next car, you will still look forward to learn something new, notice something different that you might have missed or overlooked the first time.

What Can Be Your Tips While Shopping For Your Next Car

There are a handful of tips that every car owner can follow while shopping for their next car. This includes:

  • Carry Out The Bargain Online You can visit the dealership, have a look at the models, get the quotes and even take a test drive but what you should not do is make the purchase on your first visit. This time, keep the price negotiation and bargaining online and not across the table. This will be helpful. First, you would be saved from the haggles of the finance and insurance department. Secondly, you can negotiate and shop for your second car as per your convenience and thirdly, the salespeople handling the internet department would be interested in pushing the vehicle rather than bargaining with you on the price as there in is where lies their incentive. Hence, there are high chances that you will win a good deal.
  • Set Dealers Against Each Other Get in touch with multiple dealers online and get a quote from each of them. Also, make them understand that you are actually considering deals from more than one dealer. This way it will be like getting them into a bidding war and you getting the best deal in the process.
  • Arrange For Your Own Financing Do not rely or fall into the auto loan trap at the dealerships. It is better to talk to banks and other credit unions and arrange for a pre-approved loan prior to thinking of shopping for your second car.
  • Do Not Give Up On Negotiation Remember that there is nothing that cannot be negotiated when you are buying a car. Car owners often find add-on fees pre-printed on auto sales contracts which is sort of passed on as not negotiable to the car owners. But this belief needs to be busted as it is completely untrue.
  • Choose The Correct Time To Buy Pick up the correct time to buy your second car. Do not buy out of whim or fancy. If you have to wait, then wait. Usually, the end of the model year or the end of the month are the best time to go for the deal.
  • Do Not Be In Two Minds About The Choice This is your second purchase which can mean two things. Either you need a new car just for the sake of it, or it did not serve your needs and hence the requirement of a new one. So, when you are picking the second one, make sure not to repeat the same mistake yet again.
  • Crack The Deal No Matter What Even if you dealer does not have what you need, do not just jump to another one. The second dealer might not give you the benefits that you were getting from the first one. So, do not ruin the deal. Often dealers are ready to do a swap which means that they will find a way to meet your need rather than risking losing a valuable client.

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