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Our stress-free finance department that can find financial solutions to save you money. Find out how to get the best auto loan and the best financing options for you.  Find out the best time to buy a car.

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With a robust selection of popular vehicles on hand, as well as leading vehicles from BMW and Ford.


The smaller and more lightweight the car, the higher the rates because they are more likely used to commute every day and can be involved in an accident. Hybrid vehicles cost more than non-hybrid.   Many insurance companies offer discounts and tax credits for these types of vehicles.  Find out the best time to buy a car and get insurance for your vehicle.

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The way you have been told before is to refuse anything the finance-and-insurance person offers.

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Our cars are delivered fully-registered with all requirements completed. We’ll deliver your car wherever you are.

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The Car Buying End Game Book and How to Buy a Car and Save Money. Best time to buy a car.
Read this important information to help you make the best decisions when buying, leasing or purchasing a vehicle.


The best rule when visiting a dealership and negotiating is never be rude or a jerk to a sales associate. It never helps, and remember the store has to make some sort of profit or they aren’t going to do the deal, no matter how many Kelly Blue Book and TrueCar print outs you have. Now start learning how to get your best deal. Read more