Selecting and Test Driving a Car

July 27, 2016
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Selecting and Test Driving a Car

Selecting and Test Driving a Car

You have finally reached the position when you are clear in your head as to which car you want to buy. Now, theory will not lead you far and you would finally need some practical solution. A car is best judged on the roads and that is why test driving a car is the best way to finalize your decision.

There are many things that you need to consider while test driving a car. Here is a small guide to get you started:

    Select a car model that you want or which is at least close to what you have in mind. The entire experience will be either wasted or upturned if you are making the wrong choice here. If you want a Sedan, there is no point test driving a SUV or Crossover. Also, engine selection too matters. If your budget can accommodate a four-cylinder and you are test driving a V6 or V8, then you will surely be in soup.

    Ask for a quick demo from the salesman to get a clear idea of what are the many things that you are signing up for. This would include everything from the cup holders to the seats and the audio system.

    Take a quick look under the hood to check for the battery, oil dipstick and the location where the oil is added. Are all these places easily accessible?

    Take a look into the cargo space that the car is giving you. Will the trunk be enough to accommodate all the camping gear or the luggage when you travel with family?

    Make sure that the car offers comfortable seating options. Check the back seat too before taking the car out for a drive. You might not get the opportunity later.

    Check how comfortable you will be behind the wheel. Can you reach the pedals and the controls easily?

    Ask for a long drive and not just roaming with the car a few lanes and around the block. That way you will not be able to judge whether the car will be able to handle the terrain you are a regular on. Take it for a spin on the expressway, crowded parking lots and bumpy terrains to match your regular thoroughfare.

    If you have already tested the audio system, then is the time to check how smooth and noise free your car is. Switch off the audio system and check the wind noise around the outboard mirrors or the window seals. Are the tires smooth? How will the engine growl with some acceleration? Will you be able to handle that easily? Judge all of this before you make the final decision.

    A test drive is to point out how smooth the drive actually is going to be. It is a mimic drive after all. So, find out how good the suspension is in absorbing the minor bumps, or it is a total failure and you are about to get thrown off the seat?

    The most important aspect- the brakes. Do not forget to test them. Brake hard and see whether the stop is a controlled one or it puts a question mark in your mind.

There are many other small things that you would need to notice while test driving the car. But remember that only because you are taking it out for a spin does not mean you have to buy it. No one can force you to make a purchase if you think that it is not at all a worthy one.

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