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July 26, 2016
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Sales Events for Car Manufacturers

Name of the Sales Events for Car Manufacturers

A number of car manufacturers organize sales events to promote their cars and allure the car buyers. Lots of offers and discounts are also offered to those who book new cars during these special events. Some car manufacturers offer special lease offers while some offer heavy discounts for those who wish to own the car. These sales events are organized on special days of the years like Memorial Day, Christmas, etc., so that the brands get maximum exposure.

If you haven’t attended any of the car manufacturer sales events, here are the names of some sales events for the most renowned car manufacturers:

Ford Motor Company, simple known as Ford is an American automobile manufacturing company that organizes various sales events to promote the new models and fulfill their sales targets. Ford organized the “Holiday Sales Event” which offered the buyers with 0.0 percent financing for 60 months and more than $1,000 in rebate on selected car models. It also featured up to $5,000 cash back on a 2015 Taurus sedan
So if you want to take advantage of the sales events deals and discounts, make sure you don’t miss the next events.

Honda the Japan based renowned car manufacturer organized the “Happy Honda Days” that offers discount financing as low as 0.9 percent. It also offers cut-rate lease deals which are as low as $149/month on models like 2015 Civic sedan.

Lexus also organizes various sales events. Lately it organized the “December to Remember”, which offered discounted lease offerings and car financing as low as 0.9 percent. If you are willing to invest in a luxury car, you must attend the upscale vehicle promotions organized by luxury car manufacturers like Lexus.

BMW is also not far behind the other car manufacturer. As part of its “Happier Holiday Event”, BMW offered special incentives up to $6,500 on selected models that included the 2015 6 Series coupes and 7 Series sedans. To know more about the special discounts and offerings, you must visit the special sales events.

Mercedes-Benz is also known to organize special sales events during the holiday season, which is named “Winter Event”. Like other car manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz also offers subsidized lease and finance offers.

Most sales events by the car manufacturers are organized in the week between Christmas and the New Year’s Day, so this is the time when car manufacturers can strike the best deals. All the new models and those that are being redesigned for the coming years are the ones to be featured in these sales events. However, you must expect to see a lot of unpopular and overstocked models on display during the sales events by various car manufacturers.
Even though various sales events are organized by the auto dealers, it is best to look out for events organized by the car manufacturers to get the best deals. So if you have missed these events last year, make sure you visit them this year.


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