Negotiating for a Used Car

July 25, 2016
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Tips when Negotiating for a Used Car

When you are negotiating for a used car one of the most important things is to be armed with information just  as if you would be  negotiating for a new car.

1. Do your proper research on exactly the used vehicle you are interested in. This means knowing before hand the exact brand, model and trim level you are interested in.

2. Test drive the used pre-owned vehicle you are interested in and make sure this is the vehicle you will want to negotiate on. No two used vehicles are the same, make sure you check the car fax for any accidents and how the vehicle was maintained.

3. You must do your own research on the price, and other used car dealers pricing on the exact vehicle or others vehicles you might be interested in. Try to obtain many other dealer’s pricing in writing or simply take a picture with your phone. Dealers will ask you “How did you come up with your pricing, and if so do you have it in writing”. This will cut your negotiating time in half, getting right to the point.

4. Another important weapon you should have with you is a car calculator. This is the most often missed item, come armed with this tool and their will be no guessing.

5. You should know your credit score and what rates you may expect. You can get an idea from services like creditkarma and Check with your credit union or banking institution, USAA and certified pre-owned rates by visiting the auto brands website. Used car rates are based on the year, miles and options of the car. Used vehicle interest rates are generally higher than new car rates.

6. The best tools to have in negotiating are tools that help you with less negotiating. Getting right to the point. Again do your research in the area for used car prices on the vehicle you like.

7. If you are trading in a vehicle, It’s always best to know what approximately your trade-in is worth. Look up your trade in value and print out examples from services like Galves, KBB, and other used car value tools.

8. Print out your used car value. Bring print outs to your trade in value. Bring your title, let the dealer know you are ready to make a deal.

Remember The best rule when visiting a dealership and negotiating is never be rude or a jerk to a sales associate. It never helps, and remember the store has to make some sort of profit or they aren’t going to do the deal, no matter how many Kelly Blue Book and TrueCar print outs you have.

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