Years ago all the online buying programs and magazines told you to “Make tour best deal then spring in the trade at the end. Nowadays get your trade-in offer first, or even better try craigslist to get the best number for your trade.

                    How to Get Most Money for your Trade-In

If you are out in the market to buy a new car, you probably are looking for a trade-in for your old car. Trade-ins can be a great option but you need to be very careful and have a bold approach to get the maximum value for your trade-in. Many people are of the opinion that trade-ins are not a good option since dealers don’t offer enough money on the trade-ins, but with a little preparation you can strike the best deal on your trade-in.


  1. Do Enough Market Research
    The biggest mistake people make is not doing enough research when talking to the car dealer. Most people make the mistake of accepting the first offer that they get, just to avoid haggling with the dealers. But if you want to get the maximum value, you must first determine the current value of your vehicle that you are willing to trade-in.
    Research online, to know the current market value of your car. See what people are willing to give for the kind of car you own. It is important that you keep your expectations realistic, don’t expect a value higher than what you can actually get and don’t settle for a trade-in value that is too low.
  2. Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Car
    If you want to get the most out of your trade-in, you must spruce up your car to improve the curb appeal. Wash the car, get rid of all kinds of odd smell, get the necessary repairs done and check the overall performance of the car.
    People will be willing to pay more for cars that are in good working condition, so it is worth investing some money to get your car look like new.
  3. Show Your Maintenance Records
    If you have saved the maintenance records, it is the right time to take them out. Show them to the dealer and ask if you can get a better deal. Since you maintained your car well, chances are it will be in good working condition and thus you can be lucky to get a high trade-in value.
  4. Try Out a Number of Dealers
    There are a number of dealers who would be willing to go in for a trade-in, so you need not hold onto to the first dealer that you meet. Experts say that you must take your car to at least three same make dealers to check what they can offer. That way you can also understand the market. Also make sure you negotiate well with the dealers you meet (but do a thorough market research, so you can ask for the right price).
    Remember trade-ins are a great option if you can get it right. So if you are willing to buy a new car, make sure you check out the option of a trade-in.