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July 25, 2016
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Choose or Searching for your next vehicle helpful tips.

Here are some examples:

2 People- Any vehicle

4 People- Any vehicle except a two-seat sports car and regular-cab pickup trucks.

5 People- Any sedan, hatchback, wagon, SUV, minivan, or crew-cab pickup truck.

6-7 People- Any minivan, or an SUV or wagon with a third-row seat.

8 People- Some minivans and third-row SUV’s. Look for a vehicle that can seat three people in both the second and third rows.

Choose– Many car makers are building quality vehicles. Choose your next vehicle by style, design, color and affordability.

If your still not sure after a test drive, see if the dealer provides an overnight test drive (Puppy Dog). Make sure you love it!


9 People- A few three-row SUV’s with a front bench seat that will seat thr

Quick Tips– Spend time researching the car market, even if its been awhile since you last shopped for a vehicle. Its always important to figure out your total budget: Payments, Insurance, Gasoline, and set aside a small amount of money for incidental repairs.

When to Buy- If leasing is not an option, can afford to pay cash for a car.

When to Finance- You have good or ok credit, can afford to pay a finance payment in your budget. Do not want to lease, and drive too many miles.

When to Lease- When you are sick of fixing and maintaining a vehicle. Do not drive many miles. Want a new car for less monthly payment with less down payment.

How to Choose the Best Car, A Lease and the Available Finance Options
Having is a must for everyone – whether it is about your daily commute to office, taking someone to the hospital during an emergency or leaving your children to school. If you have your own car, whether leased or ownership, you don’t have to wait in the long queue for public transport or spend too much hiring a cab every time.
But you need to choose the right kind of car or lease, to get the best value for your money, depending upon your requirements.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you buy, lease and get the best financing help:
Tips To Choose the Right Car for Yourself
If you want to buy a new car, it is very important to choose the right kind of a car to get the highest performance and efficiency. You also need to assess your financial conditions before choosing a car. Here is how you can choose the best car for yourself:
• Assess your needs and demands (how many people will travel, fuel economy, driving conditions, features required, etc.)
• Set your budget (in most cases, you need to think about financing your purchase or lease; so determine how much can you contribute towards the car payment every month)
• Shop around and compare prices (check out a number of dealerships to get the best deals)

Tips To Get the Best Lease
Leasing a car is similar to renting the car, the only difference being you keep the car for longer. Many people prefer leasing a car over buying, since they can drive a new car at lower costs. So how would you make sure you get the best car lease deal? Here’s how:
• Get familiarized with car leasing and its various aspects.
• Negotiate the various aspects like insurance, mileage, years for which you will own the car, etc.
• Get an idea about the monthly lease payments to make sure you don’t have problem paying the amount every month.
• Find the best car to lease. Check out a number of manufacturers and get the best car leasing deals. You can also check the Internet to know where you can find the best cars for leasing at the best prices.
• Check the contract and other paperwork thoroughly before signing the contract. Make sure there are no hidden costs or hidden clauses.

The Best Car Finance Options
Buying or leasing a car is not an easy task. When talking with the salesperson at the dealership, you might face the question, ‘how would you like to finance your car?’ This means whether you want to get an auto loan from the dealership or from any third party.
When you decide to buy or lease a car, you have many financing options, so you must make sure you make the right choice. Here are the financing options from which you have to choose:
• Car Buying Financing Options
o You can either ask the car dealership to help you with the financing. You will be asked to fill up a credit application and based on your credit score the car dealership will provide you with an auto loan. Auto loans from dealerships are available for three to five years, so depending on how much monthly payment you can afford, you need to choose the loan tenure.
o Get an auto loan from a bank or other financial institutions. There are many institutions that offer car financing but make sure you shop around to best the best interest rates.
o The third option is paying upfront. This simplifies all the complications since there would be no interest rates, monthly payments, etc.
• Car Lease Financing Options
o If you are willing to lease a car, then based on your credit score and lease length, the dealership would contact various banks to find out lease financing options for you.
o You can also get in touch with third parties to find out financing options yourself.
o Personal leasing is also an option where you pay a fixed amount of money to the dealership (including repair and maintenance of the vehicle) and use the car according to the terms on the agreement.
So, make an informed decision when buying or leasing a car and evaluate the available financing options, to get the best value for your money.

Not to buy a car just because it wins awards. Always drive the car first, we are all wired differently. What works for someone might not work for you. Often dealers say to their customers “The feel of the wheel seals the deal”. Or would you buy a pair of shoes without trying them on? Sure you wouldn’t.


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