Best Time To Lease a Car

July 24, 2016
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Best Time To Lease a Car

Have plans to get yourself a car? If yes, then start gearing up for the correct time to buy the car. Yes, you have read it right. There is a correct time to buy a car. Irrespective of whether you want to lease a car or finance it, the bottom line is that you are soon going to be the owner of a vehicle and there is a correct time to own it.

So if you are leasing a car or even thinking of financing it, then what do you think will be the best time to go ahead with it? Let’s find out.

It is said that there is a best time for everything and that works so well for cars as well. Getting the car at the right time means that you will be able to maximize your savings to a great extent.

Best Time To Lease a Car and Best Time Leasing promotions are available

Experts say that the best time for leasing the car is when the model has just been introduced in the market.

This is the time when the residual value is at the highest which also makes way for you to save on depreciation costs later. The new models are released between July and October hence making them the ideal months for leasing the car. If you are looking for more specific days to consider leasing or financing the car, then look out for snowy days, rainy days, weekday evenings or holidays- basically during all those times when things are low and there are not too many buyers.

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