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There are great lease deals that will appeal to you if you like the flexibility of a lease.
If Leasing is a option for you then you should check out these top rated best lease offers. Whether you just prefer driving a new car every couple of years or like the practicality of a lease. Leasing allows you to make your car payment fit into your budget. Leasing becomes even more enticing when manufacturers offer great deals. Most with no money down and low payments.


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What is Considered a Good Lease Deal, Residual Value, Money Factor, Miles Allowed 10k, 12k, 15k, and 18k Miles and Lease End Option?

Leasing a car is often a better option than buying or renting a car. This is the reason why more and more people are opting to lease cars, to get the best value for their money. Don’t have much idea about car lease? Keep reading to know the various aspects of a car lease deal.

What is considered a good car lease deal?
Car lease is generally a long term commitment, for one year or more and the lease is available from car dealers rather than car rental agencies. So how would you make sure you have a good car lease deal?

Here are four tips which will help you identify a good car lease deal:
High Residual Value
This is the most important factor when determining whether you have a good lease deal or not. The residual value is the vehicle’s value at the end of the lease term. This means, that after you return the car, at what value the dealer will be able to sell the car. The residual value is declared by the leasing-information provider or the bank that writes the lease contract. So higher the residual value lower will be the monthly fees. So look for cars that hold better value.
Reasonable Interest Rate
The interest rates are referred to as ‘lease factor’ or ‘money factor’ in the car leasing industry. As a shopper, you must negotiate the lease factor and get it down as low as possible.
Lower Costs
A number of other fees are associated with car lease apart from the leasing fees such as security deposits, disposition fees, acquisition fees, etc. So you must try to negotiate or remove the additional fees entirely from the lease deal.
Customer Service
This is another important factor, since the quality of customer service would determine what kind of experience you will have when you lease a car. So choose a company that acts promptly and treats their customers with dignity.
Car Lease Mileage Caps
In most cases, the car dealer would impose certain annual mileage caps (or annual miles) on the lease contract. This means you will be allotted a specific number of miles that you can cover in one year during the lease tenure. If you go beyond the cap, you will have to pay extra for every mile.
Most car shoppers have a misconception that only 12,000 miles per year is available when they lease a car; however this is not true, since they can tailor their lease deal to add more annual miles. Car dealer would allow you to take 10k, 12k, 15k, and 18k miles. You can also ask for a mileage cap for the entire lease tenure, say for three years.
Lease End Options
Unlike car rentals, where you have only one option, that is to return the car once the rental period gets over; you have a number of options to end your car lease and they are:
•    Return your vehicle: Return the car permanently
•    Extend your lease: Extend the lease tenure
•    Purchase your vehicle: Buy the car by paying the residual value
•    Trade your vehicle: Trade-in the existing car for a new one.
By making the right choice, you can have the best return for investment by leasing a car.